Food trip at Pino and Saint’s Alp

I’ve been hearing much about the Kare-Kareng Bagnet but it was only last Saturday that I got to give a firsthand verdict on it. Me and 4 of my friends decided to eat somewhere fairly new, at least something new to most of us. The chosen place– Pino at Maginhawa Street. True to the hype, they offer such good and unique eats.

Perhaps it was the hunger after playing hours of badminton or the excitement of eating in a new and much talked-about restaurant, but we ended up ordering quite a number of food. There was even a time that we were eating so fast, as in sort of like panicking that we won’t have enough table space to accommodate the incoming food. Haha!

We started with their nachos topped with longganisa and their platter of fried shrimp with salted egg. The nachos are delicious but nothing out of the ordinary. The bigger surprise came with the shrimp as it blended so well with the salted egg. I was wondering all along why I did not ever think of trying to combine these two things at home. Oh maybe, it’s because salted egg is seen as a partner of tomatoes and eaten with a grilled meat rather than a fried shrimp.:P

Of course, we also tried their Kare-kareng Bagnet and the rice wine Adobong tadyang. The Bagnet is just delicious and the Kare-kare sauce with bagoong just made it a lot yummier. So for anyone who’s going to eat at Pino, this is a must-try. The Adobo dish is just okay. The meat was not that tender though and nothing special about the flavor of the sauce.

Since we’re all so hungry, we did not stop at ordering these meat dishes. We ordered 2 more pasta– Pesto with Tuyo and Carbonara Sisig. The Pesto pasta is very flavorful and creamy. I liked how the herbs were not too overpowering and they did not leave an earthy taste in your mouth after. The Carbonara Sisig was a pleasant surprise. I’m not a fan of Sisig and honestly it sounds weird being placed on a pasta dish. But it turned out quite well.:) The meat paired well with the pasta and the cream.

For a very filling and hearty meal, we paid around P450 per head. It was quite pricey but worth it nonetheless.

Saint’s Alp is where we decided to chill and relax after our delicious dinner at Pino. They are known for their delicious teas. I ordered a hot Strawberry Milkshake knowing that I don’t want a normal hot tea or won’t be able to sleep if I ordered something with coffee on it. The shake is really good. I had doubts about a good hot milkshake but it turned out to be a good choice. They serve the tea and shakes in this little teapot that allows you to just pour the right amount of drink that you’d like to have for a certain time and also allows the drink to stay hot longer.

This is just one of our food trips. 🙂 We plan on trying out new places. Why you might ask? Cause nothing beats good food when shared with good friends. Things just become simply more delicious.:)


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