Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

Finished the series in a week’s time! It has the ingredients of a story that gets your attention, reels you in, and keeps you captive down to the last happening. *sigh*

What are the things that I like about it? 

A compelling story that paints a picture of the good and bad in the olden days. The series was set at the Goryeo era of Korea’s rich history which was a thousand years ago. 

Imagine a king whose words can make or break a person’s life, a family’s hope, or a servant’s dream. A good king will be its nations source of strength, provision, and security. On the other hand, a king may be the people’s greatest enemy when swallowed up by personal ambition and greed. Good thing that we no longer live in such a time of absolute power where one can easily fall prey into its abuse.

After the king, we have the princes. Sounds exciting and intriguing to be in the midst of real royalties. Like a girl’s dream of meeting his prince charming could literally come to life. But wait, that’s not the entire picture. Our fairy tale memories captured only a part of what really happens.

It’s harder to find that happily ever after because arrange marriages were common. The family decides who one will marry and seals the deal with that man’s family. Unthinkable to even consider this in our times. Sure, it still happens but true love stories are more prevalent than the staged ones. Plus come to think of it, we don’t need a real prince, we just need a man with the heart of a prince, who will pursue us relentlessly, protect us tirelessly, and love us unconditionally.

Wang So and Hae Soo. It was a star-filled cast, having several major characters, but the love story of the 4th Prince and Soo is what kept me expectant and awake at the wee hours of the night. Aww.. it was heartbreaking but genuinely real. I don’t believe that a person can change someone. I still don’t, but something definitely changes with another person when he experiences love that is beyond reason. Imperfections are seen but sincerely accepted. Hurts and disappointments are felt but freely forgiven. Because of love and the value given to equality and justice, the history of a bloody monarch may turn to the future of a good and wise king. For this, I can find rest in the ending. 

It made me laugh and cry, and I hope you give it a chance to do the same for you.:) 


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