The Bible and Me

I live for those aha moments! I like it when the gears click and what once were seemingly disconnected ideas suddenly fall into their rightful places. In this search for aha moments, I have looked for several resources to help me understand the greatest book, the Bible.

Interestingly, the God who revealed Himself through this book has guided believers in creating tools that will help us discover and dive into its wealth of wisdom.

Here is a list of resources that have helped me in understanding the Bible and hope they do the same to you:

1. Got Questions

This is a welcoming site to those who have questions about so many things, like me! Anyone who has a question about the Bible can submit it to the group via and expect an answer within 2-7 days. Pastors, Missionaries, Biblical Counselors, Seminary students, and other trained servants come up with a response based on well-thorough research of Bible truths.

Currently, the site and app version house over 5,600 answers to frequently asked questions. Topics range from the foundations of the Christian faith such as Jesus Christ, Salvation, Holy Spirit and the likes up to general human matters like relationships, marriage, life decisions, etc.


2. The Bible Project

Their tagline “visual storytelling meets the Bible” aptly describes what this group of theologians and artists offer – bite-sized fully animated videos. This one’s for the visual learners!

I remember watching my first Bible Project video, I was simply in awe. The clear and crisp animation is expected, but what made it one-of-a-kind is how the story was told. A book in the Bible was given background, dissected of its key messages, and weaved together on an overarching theme all in several minutes! Picture this with me: With a scroll laid out, words and images will be drawn on it while a booming voice relays to you a familiar yet surprisingly new story. They captivate by engaging all senses — beautiful visuals, lively audio, and simplified truths.


3. Enduring Word

If you’re looking for Bible commentaries, this is a good resource! It’s arranged based on the books of the Bible and goes through the text verse by verse. It provides historical background, context, and commentaries of different students of the Word.

I find this very helpful if I want to dig deeper into a specific chapter of a book in the Bible. If before I would skim over a group of verses thinking that they refer to the same thing, now I understand what each verse conveys on its own and when taken in along with the other verses.


4. She Reads Truth

It started with several women who wanted to establish the habit of and fuel the passion for reading the Word of God. To help others, these group of writers and artists came up with devotional materials centered on the books of the Bible or themes such as praise, advent, sermon on the mount, etc.

What I like about this is it starts with going through several text in the Bible before bringing it closer to home through real personal stories of the author. It makes it more relevant, being anchored on the truth but seeing how it applies to me and my situation.


Hope these references will help you as you study the Word of God.

Jeremiah 29:13 “If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.”


In Just a Matter of Days…

It took 5 days.. and just like that, I knew that I fell in love. Not with a someone but with a mission. OD or Organization Development seems a new word for most of us. It’s anchored on Behavioral Science, similar to HR, as it deals with people in organizations. In a nutshell, it involves planned changes for the purpose of organization effectiveness (the here and now) and organization health (the future). It’s not just one time but seeks sustainability! 

As I learned more about it, I knew that I could be in this for the long haul. This is in part because I’m a nerd for anything behavioral or psychological, but a bigger part screams it’s because I know I will become a better person in this journey. 

Here are some of the key take-aways from that 1-week learning adventure:

1- Balance confidence with humility. Each person has so much potential, and our beauty is unmatched because we are created in the image of that loving and good God. This should give us confidence in our capabilities and maximize the gifts, no matter how unique it is or how “useless” as some people might think. 

Humility should be on the other end of the seesaw – a reminder that we are not invincible but everything that we have is attributable to that all-powerful God who has blessed us.

2 – Eloquence is expressed both in words and intention. When we think of persuasion, of power, we come up with words like articulate, fluent, confident. However, power can be manifested too in that still soft voice of authenticity – a simple sincere desire to be of help in whatever way you can. At the end of the day, you know that you are in a good place not when you are applauded by strangers because you’ve spoken well, but because you’ve made a difference in your own little way.. somehow, somewhere, for someone.

3 – You know that you are in the RIGHT place when your gifts and heart meet at the center of God’s mission and His glory. There’s that career where you know you got things under control; you know your talent and are able to put it to good use. Or you see yourself going to your work day in and day out,  not tiring, not getting bored, but enjoying every bit of it. Talent intertwined with Passion. One of life’s blessings is to be in that adventure of being used by God for His purposes, and you just get to enjoy the ups and even the downs with Him in the driver seat.

5 days seem short to fall in love. In my case, it wasn’t the impulsive kind. I know that God has been preparing me all these years, just like a patient father to any of His children. He’s just there, inviting, guiding, and waiting until such time that I am ready to heed His call on that adventure!

Listen. It might be your turn. He might be telling you about your next adventure.:)

What Cancer Does to You

It’s not me, but my dad has it. He was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer last May 2016 then it progressed to stage 4 last July. 

When you hear that diagnosis, it changes you and the people around you. Drastically. Significantly. Surprisingly, it’s not all that bad. Because to a good and faithful God, He can turn this darkness into His light. That’s just what He did to our family.

When your life has been turned upside down, and you’ve been broken and shaken to the core, the valuable things become much clearer. Ironically, when you’re in the darkest times of your life that’s the time that you see things clearly, without the haze of personal ambition, self love, personal comfort, or social recognition. It’s you, your loved ones, and your mighty God. 

God has blessed us with so many things for the past year: faith that may be tested but will not be shaken, character that may become weak but will not be shattered, and a heart that may bleed and weep but will not be irreparably broken. 

So summing up the lessons that I’ve learned for the past year.

God is sovereign and is unchanging. His goodness, faithfulness, and graciousness remain no matter what our circumstance is. During daddy’s 1-month hospitalization last April to May, I saw puzzle pieces fall into their rightful place… as if God has been preparing our family for that battle, and He gave us the weapons to win. First weapon was my sister’s medical background. My dad tend to easily get anxious over pain and uncertain things. My doctor sister was the one who appease him by explaining the medical condition in a way that only a loving physician and daughter can. Second weapon was financial advantage. We’re not rich, but we’ve got so many help to cover for our skyrocketing bill of over half a million. Daddy is a senior citizen so everything is given a 20% discount. My dad is my healthcard dependent, and he still has over 100K in coverage. My sister’s husband is in the health insurance field and gave us tips on how to process the bill to maximize the healthcard’s use. Since my sister is a doctor, my dad’s main surgeon waived her professional fee in honor of the Hippocratic Oath. We got blessings too from PCSO, relatives, and friends. So to date, we are debt-free through His provision.

Family mirrors heavenly love. God uses people to bring you strength during those times that you feel so weak and close to giving up. My mama, sisters, my brother-in-law’s faith encouraged me to continue this fight and believe that we have the victory in Christ. My relatives brought joy and hope to daddy when they visited him. They blessed us and help raise some of the needed money by doing garage sale for us! 

Miracles do happen! At times it’s exacrly how you envision it. My dad’s two successful surgeries. His positive response to chemotherapy. No hair or appetite loss. He even gained weight because he was hungry most of the time and ate! At times, God will give you something different but exactly what you need. Before daddy’s diagnosis, we’re praying that the mass is benign. It turned out malignant, but through that daddy drew closer to God, reaching the point that he accepted Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior. What I ask for was physical healing but God has something better, daddy’s spiritual restoration.

I need to grow up. With my sheltered background, I had to learn domestication and independence fast! This involves going to the market early on a Sunday, figuring out what’s a fresh carrot and which ones to buy, preparing the clothes to be sent for laundry service, cleaning up our house, throwing the garbage at the end of the day, cooking rice, etc. I still have a long way go to in this domestication journey but I will get there. 

Looking back, it was the toughest year for me. That was the time that I said to God, “I’m all in, Lord. Break me.” Little did I know that His answer would come soon, really soon! But given the chance, that would still have been my prayer. Otherwise, I would have missed out on witnessing God’s great power, unwavering faithfulness, and overwhelming love. 

So for 2017, Lord, I’m still all yours.